Com8 is gekend voor zijn betrouwbare service en ondersteuning. Aangezien Com8 een distributeur met toegevoegde waarde is, dagen we onszelf voortdurend uit onze dienstverlening en technische ondersteuning te optimaliseren. We werken onze website regelmatig bij met nieuwe support cases en oplossingen. Snelle en betrouwbare ondersteuning nodig? Volg dan de volgende stappen:

1. Read

Experiences in the past learned that unfortunately not all RMA Requests which the Com8 support team receives, are really in need of reparation or replacement. In some cases just a little adjustment fixed the problem the RMA Requested product was suffering from.

Sometimes simple adjustments can bring your product back to life. Have you tried the following actions:

  • Tested the product yourself instead of blindly believing your customer?
  • Tested with the latest available firmware?
  • Have you tried to reset the product back to factory settings?

Before applying a RMA Request, it could be useful to read our RMA Request F.A.Q. page or visit the Com8 Downloads page which contains some valuable information concerning products not working as they should be.

2. RMA requests

In spite of the reliability of our distribution, there is always the possibility that a product malfunctions. In these situations Com8 can guide your RMA Request for a quick and safe return.

Complete the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

More information about the RMA Request procedure can be found here in Dutch and here in English.

3. Email

When you have any questions concerning support about one of our products, please contact our Support department. Our Support team has what it takes to provide high-level support, many years of communication experience including training new users configuring and using our products.

4. Give us a call or make an appointment

Being part of the Com8 network brings many advantages. One of these advantages is the possibility to ask our support team to standby during complicated installations or problem solving moments.

Since our agenda is limited, it is wise to make an appointment in case such a situation occurs. When the appointment is established the Com8 support team will provide the requested help from our office or onsite depending on the agreements.