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WQ Stats

WQ Stats is a reporting tool showing statistics and  giving reports of ' Waiting Queue” objects in a central:

  • Queues
  • Dial-up menus
  • WQ-objects to play announcements


  • Should be installed on a Windows server and makes use of underlying the SQL Server from Microsoft (the SQLExpress Edition will perfectly do the job).
  • There are 4 windows services installed:
    • CDR Synchroniser: this service makes connection to the PBX using HTTP (S) and tries to read out the PBX every now and then. 
      Goal: to get an overview of the number of WQ-objects and the settings of these WQ objects + agents.
    • CDR Collector: this service receives all CDR's from the PBX (via a TCP connection) and depending on the synchronized objects they are saved.
    • CDR Analyzer: the Analyzer reads all data from the CDR Synchroniser and CDR Collector, analyses this and saves it back in the DB.
    • CDR Viewer: presentation of the analyzed data


Pricing is available at your account manager or on the pricelist that you find in the download section.