Ferrari Electronic

We are an innovative German manufacturer of hardware and software for Unified Communications. As a pioneer for computer fax, Ferrari electronic has established itself since 1989 and to this day continues to be a market and technology leader in this field. Our software OfficeMaster Suite integrates fax, SMS and voice mail into your email and application systems. The hardware seamlessly connects your telecommunication infrastructure with existing information technology. Call recording has since 2014 become a part of the Ferrari electronic portfolio, allowing you to easily optimize your processes and service quality.

Your way of acquiring real quality – now and in the future

Research, development and support of Ferrari electronic are located at its main site in Teltow near Berlin. Here we produce high-quality hardware and software. This makes our products a safe investment for you. Needless to say, our products are continuously refined – with our products you are automatically prepared for future market developments.

Customizations can be realized quickly. We know the market, our products and their possibilities. Another advantage is, that service directly by the manufacturer offers the best possible support when problems occur. Should there ever be a problem that can’t be solved via remote access we will send a technician to fix it on-site.

Your recipe for a customized solution

25 years of experience in telecommunication combined with our IT expertise make us an ideal partner. We are the only manufacturer for Unified Communications to produce both hardware and software. This means that they are perfectly compatible, providing you with a powerful overall package.

Your customized solution perfectly complements your existing system. Because of the complete integration into Microsoft Exchange and IBM Notes you can easily use our product as you would a function extension. We are also the only European company to offer a Microsoft certified gateway for the Lync Server.


  • Unified Messaging: Your solution for unifying all communication methods.
    • Companies utilize many different methods of communication: email, telephone, fax, voice mail, SMS, messaging and video. The Unified Messaging solutions by Ferrari electronic allow you to unify all these methods of communication in one interface.
    • Already existing email systems like Microsoft Exchange usually form the basis on which all channels converge. This prevents you from constantly having to switch between programs. You will instead receive messages of any format in your normal inbox.
  • Unified Communications: Your solution for modern corporate telephony.
    • The telephony market is in flux. Traditional telephone systems (PBX) are slowly but surely being replaced by pure software solutions. Ferrari electronic is your most experienced partner for this venture. The modernization of your corporate telephony will be tailored specifically towards your requirements. We will support you every step of the way.
    • You can also benefit from our products for the extension of the solution by Enterprise Voice functionalities, if you are already utilizing Lync or Skype for Business for presence control, video conferences, desktop sharing and instant messaging.

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