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RMA requests - General

To what address can I send my RMA-products?

After you have contacted our RMA-department via rma@com8.eu, you can send your products to our office in Belgium;

Com8 NV
Buchtenstraat 7, 301
9051 Gent

If you have any questions, please contact one of our teammembers

Can I help to accelerate the return of my RMA product?

Yes, providing a detailed problem description, valid serial number, and correct product type and sending the RMA device as soon as possible to Com8, can definitely accelerate the RMA process.

Is there another way to speed up the RMA replacement time?

Yes, Gold Support reduces RMA replacement time from weeks to days! At this moment Gold Support is only available for innovaphone products. For more information contact sales@com8.eu.

How can I submit a RMA / DOA Request?

Please use the RMA / DOA Request form to submit a RMA or DOA Request. Submitting a complete, detailled RMA / DOA Request form can speed up the RMA proces. The more details the better, especially product type, serial-number and clear, detailed problem description are needed.

Where can I check how much warranty my product has left?

The warranty of your product can be checked by the Com8 RMA Request team. Apply for RMA Request via the RMA Request webform and the warranty will be checked and correponded.

How long will it take to repair and return my RMA Request?

When your RMA Request is tested by Com8 and approved for repairment by the vendor, in normal circumstances it should take 4 to 6 weeks to return the product to the return-address. Keep in mind that these terms are valid from the day the RMA Request is shipped from our test location in Breda (The Netherlands) to the vendor.

Can I check the status of my RMA Request?

To check the status of your RMA Request, just send an e-mail to rma@com8.eu with the Com8 rma-number.