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How can I adjust the ring volume of my innovaphone telephone?

Open the web interface* of your innovaphone telephone:

1 visit CONFIGURATION->Registration x->Preferences

2 adjust VOLUME within the Ring Tones area

* for opening the web interface of your innovaphone telephone, enter the IP address within your favourite web browser, read F.A.Q. 01 | How can I find the IP address of my innovaphone telephone?

Support case 001 – Adjusting telephone hearing- and speech volume describes how you can overrule the regular volume settings of your innovaphone IP phone. This case can be found within the Com8 support cases.

How can I find the IP adress of my innovaphone telephone?

The IP adress of your innovaphone telephone is quite easy to find as long as your telephone is connected to a network: 1 press the menu button on the telephone device, menu button is often green (except for IP110) and contains symbol with square with incoming arrow 2 enter administration->information and find the IP adress on top of the screen (to navigate use the arrow keys on the telephone device)