Flexcom is a 10 year old software editor based in Luxembourg. The company is well known for its software quality and an excellent customer satisfaction rate. As a strong solution Partner, Flexcom works today with 15 partners across Europe and its products already seduced about 400 customers for 300000 phones.


  • CallTax: How to get those untamed operational expenses for smartphone and desktop services under control? How to generate reports that allow accurate forecast of communication budget needs?
    • CallTax is a web-based application that provides extensive cost management capabilities for phone services. If it is visibility of fixed and mobile billing, or simulation of alternative connectivity, your employees will now stay in touch with customers and business partners in the most cost efficient way.
    • BYOD and virtual work environments provide flexibility and allow you to say farewell to multiple mobile phones and missed calls. If you are a Service Provider, Enterprise, or SMB, with CallTax you climb into the driver seat of your communication spending. Transparency in billing and visibility in saving options will quickly make CallTax your standard audit tool for fixed and mobile device services.
  • CallTax Hotel:
    • Complete hospital and hotel management solution
    • Complete patient and guest telephony management
    • Interconnection with hospital admission systems via HL7, JCaps or Opale (Prepayment, DDI, automatic location)
    • Interconnection with hotel front office systems via the FIAS2 and CARACAS protocols (Check-in, Check-out, DND, Wake-up, Mini-bar, Room Status)
    • Intuitive and simplified web interface for managing patients and customers
    • Voice server for patients and guests

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