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Dutch School Makes the Educated Decision to Choose Sangoma, image

Dutch School Makes the Educated Decision to Choose Sangoma

The Customer The Atrium is a world-class, public, educational institution offering secondary and higher vocational training in the city of Amersfoort, Netherlands. They offer several program options for students, including exciting bilingual opportunities. They were previously named a TTO School for the excellence of their bilingual curriculum, an honor less than a thir...

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innovaphone Training iAS Izegem, image

innovaphone Training iAS Izegem

Com8 is organizing an iAS training in Izegem on 5-6 Juin. 

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RMA procedure, image

RMA procedure

Despite the quality of our products, it can always happen that a product becomes defective. In that case Com8 will gladly help you to replace the defective item as soon as possible or have it repaired. Before submitting the defective device, an RMA request must always be submitted. We can then inform you whether the device is still under warranty and how much the possib...

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iAS-training Izegem, image

iAS-training Izegem

For more information and registrations please contact rina.lievens@com8.eu

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Com8 innovaphone Awards: de winnaars!, image

Com8 innovaphone Awards: de winnaars!

Kreuze Telecom wint de Award voor Beste Reseller, VoiceTronics wint de Award voor het Beste Project en Prewest is de meest innovatieve reseller van 2017! Van elke uitreiking hebben we een leuke video gemaakt, klik hier om ze te bekijken!

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Nieuw op onze support afdeling: Jonas Neyens , image

Nieuw op onze support afdeling: Jonas Neyens

Vorig jaar december is onze nieuwe collega gestart op de support afdeling. Jonas is voorheen werkzaam geweest bij Sax Sanitair en Qissme. Met zijn ervaring in telecomland en het platform innovaphone, was hij de perfecte kandidaat om ons team te versterken. U zult hem dan ook ongetwijfeld snel genoeg aan de lijn krijgen! 

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innovaphone SSA Upgrade Promotion, image

innovaphone SSA Upgrade Promotion

Is your customer lacking an innovaphone SSA-contract but do they need an update? Then now you can benefit from our unique and one-time promotion! When your customers does choose to upgrade their licenses and get an innovaphone SSA-contract they will not pay any penalty during this promotion period starting from the 1st and ending the 31st of November. If they want they ...

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Sangoma as FreePBX Sponsor, image

Sangoma as FreePBX Sponsor

Join Sangoma and Com8 (Sangoma partner in Benelux) for a live webinar to learn all about FreePBX and how it helps to reduce the cost of your business telephony expenses while at the same time increasing employee efficiency. Thursday, September 28, 2017 @ 11:00 - 11:45 CEST To register, please click on the link below https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/408884883357...

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Dialogic and Com8 are inviting you on the Operator Market Show, image

Dialogic and Com8 are inviting you on the Operator Market Show

Wondering where the operator/carrier market is heading to, what new evolutions we see and what other operators are doing in order to be successful? Dialogic, a leading provider of cloud-optimized real-time multimedia processing solutions, customizable applications, and network infrastructure solutions is offering a look in these matters, theoretical and practical with s...

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Wereldwijde ransomware toont belang van security , image

Wereldwijde ransomware toont belang van security

Op vrijdag 12 mei werden meerdere bedrijven in Europa getroffen door een ransomware-aanval die in snel tempo om zich heen greep. Het WannaCry-virus bleek zelfs de grootste aanval van gijzelsoftware ooit:  in meer dan 150 landen werden minstens 200.000 computers getroffen. De hackers vroegen om losgeld om de computer te ontgrendelen. Deze aanval toont nog maar eens aan d...

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