innovaphone SSA Upgrade Promotion

Is your customer lacking an innovaphone SSA-contract but do they need an update? Then now you can benefit from our unique and one-time promotion! When your customers does choose to upgrade their licenses and get an innovaphone SSA-contract they will not pay any penalty during this promotion period starting from the 1st and ending the 31st of November. If they want they can afterwards prolong their SSA-contract also without additional costs.

With this promotion we want to give our resellers the opportunity to grow their returning turnover and let their customers benefit from all the new features in the innovaphone PBX as the innovaphone myPBX, innovaphone Application Sharing, Office Integration, Presence and Chat!

For any further information please contact our sales team via or by phone via +3293770450 (BE) of +31767660050 (NL).

Note: if you want to update the PBX to V12r2 first read the information below;

Following hardware is no more supported by V12r2 due to performance issues:

IP240, IP240-1000M

The modernized phone models IP110A and IP240A of the above mentioned models IP110 and IP240 will support V12r2.

The following phone models will work with V12r2 but with slightly less flash memory for phone books and some less important (such as e.g. IPv6, PPP) features removed:


For the following hardware the PBX functionality is no more supported by V12r2 due to performance issues:


When you do want to upgrade to V12r2 you should consider to offer a new PBX like the IP311, IP411, IP811 or the IP0011.