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How can I adjust the ring volume of my innovaphone telephone?

Open the web interface* of your innovaphone telephone:

1 visit CONFIGURATION->Registration x->Preferences

2 adjust VOLUME within the Ring Tones area

* for opening the web interface of your innovaphone telephone, enter the IP address within your favourite web browser, read F.A.Q. 01 | How can I find the IP address of my innovaphone telephone?

Support case 001 – Adjusting telephone hearing- and speech volume describes how you can overrule the regular volume settings of your innovaphone IP phone. This case can be found within the Com8 support cases.

WQ Stats

WQ Stats is a reporting tool showing statistics and  giving reports of ' Waiting Queue” objects in a central:

  • Queues
  • Dial-up menus
  • WQ-objects to play announcements


  • Should be installed on a Windows server and makes use of underlying the SQL Server from Microsoft (the SQLExpress Edition will perfectly do the job).
  • There are 4 windows services installed:
    • CDR Synchroniser: this service makes connection to the PBX using HTTP (S) and tries to read out the PBX every now and then. 
      Goal: to get an overview of the number of WQ-objects and the settings of these WQ objects + agents.
    • CDR Collector: this service receives all CDR's from the PBX (via a TCP connection) and depending on the synchronized objects they are saved.
    • CDR Analyzer: the Analyzer reads all data from the CDR Synchroniser and CDR Collector, analyses this and saves it back in the DB.
    • CDR Viewer: presentation of the analyzed data


Pricing is available at your account manager or on the pricelist that you find in the download section.

How can I find the IP adress of my innovaphone telephone?

The IP adress of your innovaphone telephone is quite easy to find as long as your telephone is connected to a network: 1 press the menu button on the telephone device, menu button is often green (except for IP110) and contains symbol with square with incoming arrow 2 enter administration->information and find the IP adress on top of the screen (to navigate use the arrow keys on the telephone device)